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Our Staff


Arnie Carvalho, Producer, Host, Editor

Marjorie Carvalho, Producer, Host

Stuart Atkinson, Host

Johnathan Brenner, Segment Host

Jakob Brewster, Host

Brock, Host, Announcer

Jason Fazio, Graphic Designer, Photo Editor

Josh Gezzi, Video Editor

Andrew T. Harrison, Video Editor

Heath, Editor

Christopher Klink, Graphic Designer

Justin Kozisek, Segment Host, Customizer

Jason R. Latham, Staff Writer, Marketing Advisor

Berent Lawton, Video Editor

Geof LeBaron, Photo Editor

Steve Nixon, Segment Host

Jason Spieth, Staff Writer, Webmaster, Programmer

Jerry Stephens, Host

Curtis Stevenson, Photo Editor

Daryl Whitlow, Video Editor

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