In 2006 the cult movie Snakes on a Plane took the internet by storm.  Featuring Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI Agent trapped on a serpent-filled aircraft, the movie featured the song “Snakes on a Plane (Come On Bring It)” by hit band Cobra Starship.

In a precursor to the podcast Now Playing Venganza Media Inc. produced a five episode limited series podcast, Snakes on a Podcast.  The first four interviews featured interviews with Snakes on a Plane stars Samuel L Jackson and Kenan Thompson, director David Ellis, and snake-wrangler Jules Sylvester.  The final episode of Snakes on a Podcast is a movie review and coverage of the Snakes on a Plane premiere. 

These episodes are archived below.  Please note the movie Snakes On A Plane was rated R, and the episodes of Snakes on a Podcast also feature coarse language befitting its subject.

Episode 1:  Interview with Kenan Thompson

Episode 2:  Interview with Snake Wrangler Jules Sylvester

Episode 3:  Interview with director David R. Ellis

Episode 4:  Interview with Samuel L. Jackson

Episode 5:  Snakes on a Plane Reviewed


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