David Banner’s Not-So-Secret Identity

by Arnie C

Banner to Hulk TransitionOver the course of the series The Incredible Hulk a standard trope is that someone close to David witnesses his metamorphosis and, thus, is in on his secret.  But how often does it really happen, and do those who find out live to tell the tale?  Here is a list of everyone who finds out that David can transform into the Hulk:

Season 1:

The Incredible Hulk pilot movie:

  • Dr. Elaina Marks (deceased):  told of David’s change and studies him.  Dies in a lab fire.
The Incredible Hulk Returns (aka Death in the Family)
  • Julie Griffith:  sees David transform after hitting him with a pot.
  • Michael: sees David transform while fighting a bear.
Season 2:
Married (aka Bride of the Incredible Hulk)
  • Dr. Caroline Fields (deceased):  told of David’s true identity and secret.  Dies of a rare disease.
Rainbow’s End:
  • Thomas Logan:  sees David’s reverse transformation while looking for a horse.
A Child in Need:
  • Mark Hollinger: after being rescued from his abusive father by the Hulk he walks down an alley holding Hulk’s hand while the green giant transforms back into David.

(This list will be updated as our Incredible Hulk review series continues!)

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