Monogram International’s Harry Potter Exclusives Cast a Spell on SDCC

San Diego Comic-Con International is about 2 months away, and Monogram International is starting the party now! The collectible company has revealed two sets of Harry Potter themed…

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Space Camp

Space Camp

They were never meant to go to space, but they weren’t given a choice. Five teens and an unproven astronaut find themselves alone, with no communications and…

Marvelicious Toys

Issue 166: I Can Do This All Day

Captain America: Civil War is a bona fide blockbuster, but more importantly it was a great movie! This superhero monster mash had action and heart. But now…

Star Wars Action News

Episode 477: To the Maz

She’s the most intriguing new alien introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She somehow has the lightsaber Luke lost on Bespin. She knows of the Force.…